Church School Bake Sale

Following Divine Liturgy on Sunday, November 6th, our St George Church School Children sold baked goods as part of a fundraiser for their ongoing activities.  Last year, the students raised enough money to purchase a new, hand-painted icon of St George for use and veneration in the church.  This year, the money raised went directly into their weekly educational efforts with the purchase of needed supplies and tools to make lessons fun and engaging.

This Sunday was also marked by the 40-day parastos for our dear, departed Daisy Verlinich.  Daisy was a long-time and much-loved member of our St George parish. During the service, Fr Aleksa reminded the parish of our communal responsibility to care for and visit those who are sick and infirm.  By the grace of God, Daisy had people who visited her regularly even though her family lived quite some distance away.  Still, as a community, we can always do better – and we are responsible for expressing our Christian love and visitation for those members of our community that are ill, homebound, or in nursing homes.

It was a beautiful day for our parish community!