Archpastoral Visit of His Grace Irinej

It is with great joy we announce an episcopal visit from our Bishop and Father, His Grace +IRINEJ on July 25th, 2021 for Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at 10am.  At this time, His Grace will ordain Dn Mark Resanovich to the Holy Priesthood.

We are planning a celebratory luncheon and would love for our community to be there in great numbers to welcome Bishop, and to support Dn Mark.  Please follow this link to RSVP so we can make sure we have the appropriate amount of food, number of seats available, in the Event Center.

You do not have to sign-up to attend Liturgy – you only need to sign-up for the Luncheon.  Masks are required for those who are not vaccinated; for those who are vaccinated, you are welcome to remove your masks if you feel comfortable doing so.

Adopt-a-Family Outreach for Christmas

Help give a little bit of hope and Christian love to some families that need some extra help this holiday season by signing up to adopt-a-family for our 2nd annual LTN “Adopt-a-Family” Christmas event.

By signing up, you will work with our coordinator to help offer some gifts for families in need – and by so doing you’ll not only lift their spirits, but yours as well!

Click here to sign-up online

St. George in North Canton & COVID-19

As many churches in our community, St. George North Canton is striving to keep our house of worship available, while at the same time ensuring the safest-possible practices to combat the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

UPDATE – JULY 14 2021
As many churches in our community, St. George North Canton is striving to keep our house of worship available, while at the same time ensuring the safest-possible practices to combat the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).Keeping in mind current CDC guidelines and recommendations, in addition to local and state recommendations, and with the blessing of our diocese, the following rules are currently in place:

  • If you are NOT VACCINATED, then masks must be worn at all times in church – NO EXCEPTIONS – if you cannot wear a mask, please join us online
  • If you are VACCINATED, then you may remove your mask in the church, and in church facilities
  • Social distancing is encouraged, where possible
  • Those receiving Holy Communion must follow the instruction of the celebrant
  • Hand sanitizer is available for those that enter the building, or need it during the service
  • Those who feel ill are encouraged to stay home

This represents a much closer return to normal worship in the life of our community, particularly for those who are vaccinated.  Current data suggests that, for the vaccinated, not only is transmission of Covid-19 much more difficult – but the virus, itself, is less impactful if contracted.  As such, we can begin, once again, to gather in greater numbers, venerate icons, remove masks, and use other shared-space items as we did before.

Still, for those who do not yet feel comfortable coming to church for any reason you are invited and encouraged to participate via streaming services on the parish Facebook page.  Please contact Fr. Aleksa to schedule a pastoral visit, with appropriate safety-precautions, if you are homebound.

It is important to note that online services are not a substitute for regular services – if you are healthy (IE – fever and symptom free) then you should be joining us in church, worshipping together and receiving the sacraments with your church family.  Our Lord has called us together in unity and oneness, and it is difficult to do that from home on a long-term basis.

The near-future is uncertain, and ever-changing, so the information provided is current as-of the date listed above – but may change again, or even without broader notice, pending any government orders or regulations.

For the time being, I will be continuing our new ministries of online services via Facebook, “Small Steps” sermons posted to YouTube, Morning Prayers, and other innovations started during the pandemic.

Please keep up-to-date on Facebook for news regarding events and services.


If you are worried of contracting COVID-19 due to respiratory issues, age, or personal health concerns – please be sure to do what makes you feel safe and in good health. Contact Father Aleksa to make sure he knows, and so he can reach out to you.

Through God’s grace, we have come quite far with regard to the pandemic.  Our community, through prudence and love, has not been a breeding ground for spreading covid.  It has been difficult, but we have persevered.   Now is the time for us, once again, to gather together in worship so we can continue the good work and life in our St George parish!

Yours in Christ our Lord,

~Fr Aleksa

Church School Bowling Event 2017

On Tuesday, November 22nd, members of the St George Serbian Orthodox Church school went to Colonial Lanes for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship. The students arrived in the late-afternoon, laced up their bowling shoes, selected their bowling balls, and sent them down the lanes.

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St Sava 2016

Blessing the St Sava Slavski Kolach
Blessing the St Sava Slavski Kolach

On Sunday, January 31st, the St George Church School children celebrated their annual St Sava Slava and program. The day began with a church full of people for Divine Liturgy at 10am, followed immediately by the blessing of the Slava Kolach. The KSS prepared a wonderful meal for all those in attendance.

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