The Sacrament of Holy Unction

On the evening of Great and Holy Wednesday, April 12, the faithful of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church gathered for sacramental healing of both soul and body at the service of Holy Unction.

Those gathered were true participants in the service, with the entire congregation offering the necessary responses throughout the sacrament.  From the community, seven different individuals volunteered to read the appointed Epistles.

Fr. Aleksa reminded the community that although healing does occur, the human body is still subject to the mystery of death.  Lazarus, in fact, died after being raised from the dead. It is important, therefore, to never forget that aspect of Holy Unction that is to the healing of our souls.  As he offered to those present, “In this life, it can seem as though we are treading water, constantly struggling against the multitude of our sins that threaten to pull us under the sea of life, dragging us into the deep abyss below… into death.  Christ reveals himself as victorious over sin; as the conqueror of death; and that is revealed to us today in this great sacrament.”
At the end of service, the faithful came forward and received the oil of sacrament ‘unto the healing of soul and body, and unto life everlasting.’