New Church School Year Begins

The new church school year began for the community at St George Serbian Orthodox Church on Sunday, September 18th. Immediately following Divine Liturgy, church school children, parents, and teachers gathered in the nave for the official blessing service. With over 20 children present, Fr Aleksa intoned a litany, offered the reading of the Holy Gospel, and finished with a prayer of blessing.

During the homily, Fr Aleksa reminded the parish that ‘it takes a church to raise a child’ – not just the parents. The community bears a great responsibility in the Christian upbringing of its youth. That responsibility must be taken seriously at home, as we model a life of repentance and love; that responsibility must also be taken seriously in church, where children notice our presence as well as our absence, and our overall demeanor.

The parish enjoyed a wonderful coffee hour hosted by Kolo President Kathy Tobias, who will be offering her teaching expertise to the 2016-2017 church school program as she helps organize the preschool classroom.

May God continue to bless the children of the St George community, and all the family and friends that support them as they grow in their Orthodox faith!