St Sava 2016

Blessing the St Sava Slavski Kolach
Blessing the St Sava Slavski Kolach

On Sunday, January 31st, the St George Church School children celebrated their annual St Sava Slava and program. The day began with a church full of people for Divine Liturgy at 10am, followed immediately by the blessing of the Slava Kolach. The KSS prepared a wonderful meal for all those in attendance.

The St Sava program began with our youngest Pre-K students led by their instructor “Miss Paulie.” Each young child stated their name and crossed themselves in the name of the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” The K-4 students, led by their instructor Svetlana McCully, performed “The Armor of God”, reciting a poems and lessons as they clothed a classmate in armor. The middle school students, led by instructor Rajko Radonjic, sang a Hymn of St Sava along with verses of poetry between each refrain.

The program had numerous English and Serbian poetic interludes, a musical harp performance by a member of the K-4 class, and singing. The day concluded with Kolo dancing led by Dani Marshall.

Kathi Tobias, KSS president, was the official emcee for the event, offering beautiful words on the importance of the St Sava celebration and traditions of the parish and its people. Fr Aleksa gave copies of the newly released book by Fr Zivojin Jakovljevic, “The Enduring Legacy of the Serbian People” to each participating family.

It was truly a joyous event!