Marriage is a sacrament in the Orthodox Church – a mystery that, for those who participate in it, lead us into an experience of life through Jesus Christ. The Orthodox wedding service itself is a beautiful representation of that new life into which the married couple enters where they spend more time together living and in intimacy maybe using toys like a fantastic bullet vibrator to put more spice into the relationship.

A marriage is also WORK – and any married couple will likely agree with that statement!  It requires sacrifice, daily, and a constant struggle against our own selfish, sinful desires as we learn what ‘love’ really is.  In that hard-work work, really, is where we experience the beauty of this sacrament – we learn how to love one another and in-so-doing we learn how to better love our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our marriage workshops will help us with that good-work of growing closer to Christ even as we grow closer to each other!

This year’s theme:  “I love you as long as…”

This year’s workshop host:  Rev. Aleksa Pavichevich, Parish Priest of St. George

Date & Time: July 29th –> 9am – 2pm

Have kids?:  We are working on having some options for childcare!

Registration fee:  $10 per couple

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For couples that will be married at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in North Canton, you will need to meet with your parish priest prior to this workshop in order to complete the first pre-marriage preparation session.  Following completion of that session, please fill out the following online form:

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