Offer your voice in church to the glory of God!

The official St George parish choir, “The Boza Yoksimovich Serbian Singing Society” (or “BYSSS”) is always looking for those interested in offering their vocal talents to God in worship.  From soprano to bass, our choir beautifies each service!

Why join the BYSSS?

  • Mission – Our Lord commanded us to “go forth and make disciples of all nations”, and the BYSSS is one of our greatest missionary tools!  First time visitors to an Orthodox church experience our services with all senses – from the smell of the incense, to the taste of the bread, to the feel of the cross or icon they venerate, to the beautiful fresco work they see.  The BYSSS, for its part, offers beautiful and heart-felt music to which guests may feel an immediate connection.
  • Depth – singing in the choir adds an added element of depth and participation to your Sunday Divine Liturgy worship. From singing “Come Let Us Worship” to “It is Truly Meet”, along with a whole host of other songs, choir members are granted an opportunity to engage with the words that express and articulate our faith.
  • Camaraderie – The BYSSS is a fun group of fun people – rehearsals, events, and even services are joyous occasions for all involved.

The choir treasurer is currently working on a history of the BYSSS, in conjunction with Fr Aleksa – so check back later!  In the meantime, please submit any historical photos of the choir for use on this website.

Choir Leadership

Choir Director:  Steven Winovich

Choir President:  Leslie Ostojic

Vice President: Jason Bakich

Treasurer: Mira Mirkovic

Secretary: Nada Winovich