All baptized members of an Orthodox parish are the responsible stewards of the parish.  The day-to-day operation and maintenance of the facilities and grounds is entrusted to a volunteer council of responsible Orthodox Christians elected annually by the peers.  The current council members are as follows:

Parish Council

Parish Priest:  Fr Aleksa Pavichevich

Council President:  Nick Pribich

Vice President:  Maxwell Sherer

Treasurer:  Ken Kozak

Recording Secretary:  Becky Decker

Corresponding Secretary:  Lanny Hawkins

Financial Secretary: Dwight Decker

Trustees:  Mike Babics, JoAnn Breedlove, Paula Weaver, Jason Bakich, Gary Trbovich

Annually Elected Committees

Nominating Committee: Cindy Babics, Diane Costello, Olga Coutts

Auditing Committee: Jasminka Kraguljac, Dan Arangelovich, Ron Pribich