Family Day Celebrated at St. George Church

On October 20th, members of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church gathered together for a simple, yet remarkable family day.  Although the weather did not cooperate, the cold, wet, and dreary day could not dampen the spirts of the gathered community.

Beginning with Great Vespers at 4pm, the faithful started the event in prayer before moving to the picnic pavilion.  Food was in abundance as a roast pig was adorned with side dishes brought from the many families that attended.  Children enjoyed tractor-driven hayrides as Chuck Tepsic joyful took them around the large property all afternoon.  Luka Kraguljac, a self-taught and talented musician, played music throughout the evening.  The people enjoyed kolo dancing, from the youngest to the oldest there present. Children enjoyed crafts with pumpkin painting supplied by Sally Hein.

The highlight of the cold evening was the entire group gathered around a roaring fire listening to the history of the Serbian people during World War I, before learning to sing “Tamo, Daleko”.  Fr. Aleksa recounted the suffering and sacrifice of the Serbs as they bravely fought to maintain their freedom.  Together, the community translated the song into English – and then learned, verse-by-verse, the beautiful hymn.

By the end of the event, the weather was not very inviting, however those who joined in the family celebration made everlasting memories.